People of Color in European Art History

  1. The Most Frustrating Dead End Ever

    Things I know about this painting:

    1. It is somewhwere in the Basilica Saint Michael the Archangel in Menton, France.

    Things I do not know about this painting:

    1. literally anything else.

    France contains several hundred Black Madonnas that white art historians have been trying to “explain” for two hundred years or so.

    Although the photograph is absolutely abysmal, and obviously the settings were for paintings of white people, it’s clear that this Black Madonna has dark brown skin, as does baby Jesus, and both have African features and hair.

    If anyone who reads this has seen this painting or can get near the Basilica Saint Michael in Menton, or you know anything about this painting, please let me know.

    And yes, I’ve been trying since I made the original post about the Black Madonnas.

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