People of Color in European Art History

  1. (all images via Discover Paris!)

    For those of you with the opportunity to go to Europe, Discover Paris! has a huge offering of tours dedicated to Black Paris.

    Entrée to Black Paris

    Did you know that Paris is alive with black history, culture, and contemporary life? Most Anglophones, regardless of their ethnic background, don’t! Yet, in a very real sense, the City of Light would not shine as brightly without the contributions of Africans and people of African descent. Entrée to Black Paris™ tours and activities give you an up close and personal look at this vibrant and flourishing aspect of Parisian life.

    They include:

    Josephine Baker Tour in Le Vésinet

    Enjoy an exclusive lunch and a stroll through the idyllic Paris suburb that Josephine called home.

    Black Images in European Art

    Visit the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay to view exceptional portrayals of black people in European art.

    Black Paris - Myth of Colorblind France

    Enjoy this one-of-a-kind overview of African-American history in Paris and learn about the myth of a colorblind France.

    And quite a few more including tours of the Latin Quarter, History tours on James Baldwin and Alexandre Dumas, and The History of American Jazz in Paris featuring live concerts.

    for those of you who, like me, probably won’t get this opportunity anytime soon, co-founder of Entree to Black Paris Monique Y. Wells has a blog here.

    Additionally, there is the opportunity to purchase ONLINE version of the tours for $25, including Richard Wright’s Paris and The Black Pearl Tour in their Online Walks section.

    For those of you in college, there is also a Study Abroad Program if you’d like to petition your institution, professor, history department or student organization to arrange some of these amazing historical tours.