People of Color in European Art History

  1. floressas wrote...

    Hi, I read the whole Frozen thing, and I noticed that you point out historical accuracy a lot, but in terms of culture, do you think it would've been alright to add POC to an European fairytale? For example, if in the rumoured Pixar Dia de Muertos movie, the main character was to look like a white person (even tho a lot of people in Latin America are/look white), I am sure a lot of us would be upset. I am not sure if I am being understandable, but what do you think about that? Love your blog btw





    1.) The Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that Frozen is based upon—The Snow Queen—features many non-white native people of Scandinavia and even more female characters than the movie will feature. 

    2.) It is a FAIRY TALE. Are you OK with a talking snow man, but as soon as a brown person comes along it’s not historically accurate?

    3.) Can this stop being an issue, please?

    1.) I am legitimately upset about the lack of female characters that were originally on The Snow Queen as well, but I don’t really see how that’s relevant to this?? (Even tho it does suck, the whole changes to the original story look super lame.)  Scandinavia is still part of Europe, where the native people are white. Sami are also native Europeans, why wouldn’t they count as white? (Even tho, of course, there is a lot of mix.)

    2.) I never really cared about historic accuracy, it’d be pretty accurate historically to add POC of course, and you are right, it is fairy tale where everything is possible. What I mean is that it’s white folklore. I think it’s pretty unfair to add POC to white folklore. 

    3.) I think that the issue is people forcing POC into white cultures, just as much as the other way around. How is that not an issue? White people forcing themselves into POC culture sucks, but it also sucks the other way around. But that is my opinion and it is irrelevant right now, thus that was not the point of my ask either, I was asking the blog owner their opinion on that taking the point of folklore & culture in account, not only historic accuracy, I was not asking them so I could force my opinion or make an issue out of it.


    Just thought I’d mention that I’ve gotten hate mail with this same exact wording from actual Neo-Nazis. Usually with the addition of “get the [expletive] out of OUR history and stick to your own primitive culture and history, [racial slur]!!!”

    Good to know you never cared about historical accuracy, and you’re being open about the fact that you’re very invested in keeping your “white culture white”.

    Gee, that doesn’t sound virulently racist at alllll.

    *flies into the sun*