People of Color in European Art History

  1. principia-coh replied to your post: “Is This a Job or a Hobby?”: Dichotomous Thinking and Academic Activism”:
    You can tell people who ask you that have either never set a pinky-toe near academia, or have never worked in a non-sales office environment: your work would clearly qualify as a *huge* amount of professional development.
    Well, yes it does
    I’m also not interested in shaming people who genuinely do not know BECAUSE they have “never set a pinky-toe” in academia.
    That’s actually who this blog is for!!!!!!
    There’s a big difference between people who are unfamiliar in how one amasses a body of academic research and people who are trying to purposely cast aspersions on what they believe to be my “qualifications” in order to somehow make this blog not real.
    All of my non-academic followers are just as important to me as my academic followers. And I value their participation just as much. I’ve stated before, access to educational materials is a very important part of what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it HERE.