People of Color in European Art History

  1. Can anyone actually provide a reputable and non-biased source to prove that Beethoven was, in fact, a PoC?


    If not, I think it’s safe to say that as he was born in Germany to European parents, he was PROBABLY WHITE and can PoC PLEASE stop trying to take credit for the achievements of white people? 

    (I’ve worded this really badly, but I am currently half asleep.)


    Why is this tagged “medievalpoc”?

    "reputable and non-biased"

    "stop trying to take credit for the achievements of white people"

    I just

    Like seriously there are so many things wrong with everything you’ve just typed I cannot even begin to address it.

    Suffice to say, your apparent biases in regards to “reputable and non-biased sources” actually disqualify ANY source that would meet your personal requirements for random internet people to provide you with a free education- and for what purpose? To convince you that people of color have HAD accomplishments?

    Who gains ANYthing here besides you?

    Why should *I* care?

    Why should anyone care? You tagged it with my blog’s title in hopes of getting some kind of homework tutoring or works cited page for free? You think that’s really going to be the result of your racist baiting?

    Or do you just think that people of color with blogs or anyone who runs an educational blog owes you free tutoring, as well as correcting your painfully obvious character defects?

    This is an art history and historiography blog, about education and our education system.

    This is not “hold hands with a racist until they magically become a better person” dot com.

    Good luck in your life of yelling demands for proof of reality from passersby.