People of Color in European Art History

  1. I have to admit a kind of droll sense of amusement

    A lot of people who are upset that this blog exists have taken to posting links on other social media websites, where they are free to rail about my lack of evidence and sources in a space free from having to look at any of that pesky evidence or sources.

    About 40-45% of the hits this blog receives overnight are via threads like this one (lots of slurs-be warned).

    Notice the title about “pigments changing with age” was actually put into perspective by a preservationist of medieval documents….

    Something I thought was a good example of what’s going on there was the following assertions (and speculation about my gender once again-because that’s the real burning question here, right?), was that I “only feature Black people”…

    As my followers know, I have never posted about the Mongolian Empire or Nanban/Namban screens.

    But my actual favorite part was the following, which really sums up the entire axis of probably half the “critical” messages I receive:

    And that’s really the bottom line.

    I’ve discussed how invested a lot of people are in the illusion of impartiality. I’m perceived to care.

    That is the unforgivable sin.

    And you know what? I do care. I care a great deal. This is, after all, what I do. I care enough to generate nearly 2,000 posts worth of original content I’ve created out of dedication, passion, persistence, and love for what I do.

    I do not, however, care enough to comb through other blogs, go to an entirely different site, and talk about it in a space free of the apparent constraint of fact-checking.

    I honestly highly encourage anyone who think I’m traveling back in time and inventing art to support my “bonkers theories” to head on over to those sites and have at me til your heart’s content.

    It leaves me more time to write articles here instead of wearing out my keyboard blocking people and deleting messages.