People of Color in European Art History

  1. Best of 2013: Women of Color- Queens, Kings, Warleaders and Diplomats

    This requested compilation ranges a bit further afield than is usual for this blog, in an attempt to bring you some of the lesser-known women of color from the history of warfare and politics.

    Some of these links are external, and although Women’s History is a massively written-on topic, the work regarding the unique and particular contributions and achievements of women of color leave rather much to be desired. I encourage the addition of links, book recommendations, oral history, and any other materials my readers have found or would recommend to others.

    Women of Color at the Medical College of Philadelphia, 1885

    The Trung Sisters, Warleaders of Medieval Vietnam (more here)

    Xipaguazin Moctezuma, Aztec Princess in Renaissance Europe

    Dahomey’s Women Warriors of West Africa

    Ching Shih, Possibly the Most Successful Pirate in History

    Queen Charlotte of Great Britain and Ireland

    Sorghaghtani Beki (Empress Xianyi Zhuangsheng), Minister of Trade and Daughter-In-Law to Genghis Khan

    Dido Elizabeth Belle, Scottish Aristocrat

    The Queen of Sheba

    Khutulun, Wrestler Princess of Mongolia

    Etruscan Warrior Prince “Really” A Princess (cissexism)

    Chabi, Influential Wife of Khubilai Khan

    Nakano Takeko, Japanese Warrior

    Sacajawea, Adventurer and Diplomat

    Xiang Fei, the Fragrant Concubine

    Urraca of León and Castile, Empress of Spain

    Woman Who Kills a Would-Be Rapist and is Presented with his Belongings

    Hua Mulan

    Stagecoach Mary Fields, Warrior of the West

    Finds-Them-And-Kills-Them, Crow Warrior

    Mandukhai Khatun, Queen Manduhai the Wise of Mongolia

    Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies

    Amina of Zaria, Military Mastermind and basis for Xena, Warrior Princess

    Ishi-jo and the Onna Bugeisha, Samurai Women

    Madame Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Otherwise Known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford

    The Katuns (Queens) of Mongolia

    Empress Xiao Yanyan

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